Professional Assistance From Arizona Estate Planning Lawyers

Arizona Estate Planning Lawyers

Anyone with assets they plan to leave loved ones in case of their death, should speak to an Arizona estate planning lawyer. Although many people think that a will is enough, they are usually wrong. At the very least, if a person has a will and it is uncontested, a loved one can be hit with a large tax bill. By using an Arizona estate planning lawyer, not only will you be assured the people you want to receive their inheritance do so, but also that they receive the maximum amount available by law. This means keeping tax liabilities to a bare minimum. A third benefit to your loved ones is avoiding the expense of probate as well as the time delays associated with the process of probate. Not making your loved ones wait for their inheritance takes the foresight and planning provided by an estate planning law firm.

A Mesa estate planning attorney will help construct a will or trust, whichever is more appropriate for your assets. This is an essential part of estate planning, however, there are other essential elements. It will also include an agreement as to the current state of your assets. It will include a Power of Attorney and instructions to your doctor in certain medical situations. Your final wishes will also be documented. In addition, periodically your estate plan needs to be revised. Changes in your finances as well as your life in general require updates to your estate plan.

International Estate Planning

For those with assets outside of the country, it important to have an estate planning law firm that has experience in international estate planning. Often times a business interests and ownerships can be shared with foreign nationals with the assets located offshore. This is clearly the case with offshore bank accounts and the expertise of a lawyer helps greatly in the area of estate planning. This is especially true when offshore accounts are combined with trusts. The legal aspects of this type of estate planning are complex.

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